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If you’d like one of these, just email me… if I get enough emails, I’ll build more :) -Justin

Who says circuit boards have to be square? Exactly. So I went ahead and made a circular board. Generally speaking, circles aren’t exactly an effective use of space, except when they have things pointing off in different directions…like extension cords.

The board has 4 relays that each control an extension cord (already attached) with 3 outlets each. Each relay can be individually controlled by the Arduino, timed to go on and off with perfection. If you think about it, timing is everything. Like how much sunlight plants need ...when to take that bacon off the grill so it’s just right…even music, really is a form of timed beats: . What else can you think of?

By the way, you’d be surprised how many different things I picked up to make some cool stuff with the RelaySquid. Actually, it was just a bunch of lights, and believe me, there are entire stores devoted just to light bulbs! I’ve gone in and picked out the ones that worked best (especially with rapid cycling) and stocked them here, so your ‘Squid can be good to go right out of the box.


  • Spotlight’s on you : RelaySquid + 4 20W mini-halogen accent lights
  • Light show 2 go : RelaySquid + 4 50W Indoor/Outdoor halogen spotlight bulbs + 4 white adjustable angle spotlight stands
  • In da club : RelaySquid + one red, green, yellow, blue 25W standard lightbulb + 4 white adjustable angle spotlight stands
  • Green thumb : RelaySquid + 4 50W Indoor Plant Light Bulbs + 4 white adjustable angle spotlight stands


  • Power input
  • 4 AC/DC Power Outputs
  • 4 Relays
    • Max voltage: 200 V (AC), 100 V (DC)
    • Max current: 10 A (AC), 5 A (DC)
  • More details on the RelaySquid datasheet


Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.