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If you’d like one of these, just email me… if I get enough emails, I’ll build more :) -Justin

I was watching Wall-E the other day, and aside from feeling sorry for the little guy in his attempts to get a date with Eva, it also made me want to turn my Arduino into a floating, smooth white robot with lasers and surface-shaped OLEDs (aka Eva). But, I ran out of anti-gravity parts, so instead…

This is a modular, snap-and-go TankShield. It uses TriAngles to prop up a DoubleTall ExtenderShield at just the perfect angle to snap an Arduino on the back. It has dual motors which are controlled by the Arduino through serial commands, and can run from a Lithium Backpack. And since it uses an ExtenderShield, it can also be connected to other shields too.


  • Dual independent rear wheel drive
  • Dual brushed motors anchored underneath
  • Dual 20-link black tank treads
  • Adjustable tension on front and back wheels
  • Solid metal front axle with dual non-threaded stop-locker nuts to prevent axle drift
  • Variable speed control via serial
  • Speed select and read / detection functions
  • Built-in quad capacitor PWM power reservoir
  • 35 feet/minute

*Online Data Sheet

Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.