Adaptive Workspace Management

Adaptive Workspace Management

Adaptive Workspace Management Solutions

Organizations pursuing a digital transformation will also be dramatically changing the nature of work.  Dynamic technologies, including AI, IoT, edge computing, machine learning and cloud hosting, will spawn the development of smart applications.  Integrated with smart devices that facilitate data gathering and processing in the field of operations, these smart applications will take on more of the work of inputting, organizing, analyzing and repurposing information and making it useful to organizations. As a result, workers’ jobs will move from prosaic tasks of simply collecting and inputting data to more creative and proactive assignments that advance organizational goals.

Digital transformation can be stalled  for organizations that do not start this process of re-architecting their workspace provisioning approaches.  Too many still rely on outmoded approaches to provisioning resources to their workers.

Providing high-performance, responsive workspaces to these workers will mean shifting away from legacy approaches that can hinder a digital transformation agenda. Organizations will need to create workspace infrastructures that can provision the resources that workers need, how, when and where they do their jobs.  These infrastructures will be increasingly virtualized and hybrid, bringing together best-of-breed workspace platforms as well as cloud foundations.

Liquidware presents a roadmap for delivering modern workspaces for organizations which are undergoing digital transformation. Liquidware’s Adaptive Workspace Management (AWM) suite of products can support the build-out of an agile, state-of-the-art workspace infrastructure that quickly delivers the resources workers need, on demand. AWM allows this infrastructure to be constructed from a hybrid mix of the best-of-breed workspace delivery platforms spanning physical, virtual and cloud offerings.

With Liquidware's AWM solutions, including ProfileUnity, Stratusphere UX and FlexApp, organizations can create a more efficient, cost-effective and equitable approach to delivering compute resources to their workforce.

Our solutions offer the following strategic benefits by:

  • Building on existing infrastructure so investments are not lost, and staff continues to work with familiar approaches. Existing infrastructure and systems are not disrupted or replaced.
  • Offering a platform-agnostic approach that considers workspace environments are heterogeneous, freeing organizations from stove-piped structures that restrict their growth.Automating existing processes in order to facilitate higher levels of control, security and efficiency and to set the stage for comprehensive disaster recovery
  • Enabling emerging technologies and approaches to be introduced into the environment seamlessly and quickly, enriching the user experience without increasing cost over time.
  • Aligning workspace design to user requirements and work modes, supporting the use of best-of-breed workspace technologies for an optimum end-user experience
  • Enabling administrators to migrate and co-exist users across evolving platforms easily (Windows OS/application versions, and virtual, physical, cloud platforms, etc.)

AWM not only cuts into the cost of refreshing new hardware, it sets the stage to develop an efficient, next generation workspace provisioning infrastructure that is eminently scalable and recoverable.