Desktop Virtualization

Digital Desktops -- Virtualization Meets Changing Needs of Increasingly Remote Workers

Desktop virtualization is the process by which Windows desktop components, including user profiles, policies, applications and user-authored data, are "decoupled" from the endpoint device.  Instead these components are containerized and saved to central storage and only served back to the device as the user requires them.  The endpoint device itself is inherently "empty" or "thin," needing only a Windows OS and a virtualization client to launch the workspace so it can be utilized through the device.

This approach has many advantages including:

  • Security: if the device is lost or broken,  user profile data, applications and company IP / user-authored data is still safe in storage, and users can usually pick up a session, uninterrupted,  on a new device.

  • Portability: if the original device is compromised, the virtual workspace remains intact and can easily be launched on another device.  Disaster recovery strategies can more easily be enacted.

  • Management: because desktop components are centralized in storage, updates and maintenance can happen more easily and consistently.

Liquidware is the leading 3rd-party desktop virtualization software provider.  Since 2009, the company has provided exceptional value with our Digital Workspace Management Essentials bundle, containing industry-leading solutions ProfileUnity, FlexApp and Stratusphere UX. Liquidware’s desktop virtualization solutions are the most affordable, easiest to deploy and most universally compatible offerings on the market today.  These solutions provide the following key benefits for desktop virtualization environments:

  • No "rip & replace" of existing platforms, infrastructure or software. Instead you can build on your current environment and automate existing manual or script-based processes.  In this way, you reduce costs, make administrators and users more productive,  and extract more value from your current IT investments

  • Our desktop virtualization solutions are fully integrated with each other and with any platform that delivers Windows desktops.  You no longer waste money and effort integrating point solutions from different vendors.  You receive Support Services from a team with 98% customer satisfaction ratings.

  • You are not locked into proprietary approaches that force you to build back-end systems specifically for them. You are never stove-piped into an approach that may not keep up with your needs as they change over time.  Instead our solutions integrate native Windows formats you already understand and support.

All of our solutions are platform-agnostic.  We support the following desktop platforms:

  • VMware View Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure

  • Citrix Virtual Desktop and Applications

  • Remote desktop Services including RDS / RDmi /Windows Virtual Desktop

  • DaaS, including Amazon WorkSpaces and Nutanix XiFrame

  • Cloud-hosted desktops, including Amazon, Google and Azure

  • Physical Windows desktops

  • Complementary to application virtualization solutions, including VMware ThinApp, Microsoft App-V, and Amazon AppStream

Liquidware is the one vendor you need  to support your digital desktops across your organization.  Our solutions greatly enhance the user experience and enable consistent quality and uptime across hybrid platform desktop environments.