Digital Workspace Management

Liquidware solutions enhance Digital Employee Experience

Liquidware DWM Solutions Drive Optimum Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Today's desktops have been replaced by “digital workspaces," which is an integrated technology framework that is designed to deliver and manage app, data, and desktop delivery, and allows employees to access their apps and data remotely and in real-time – on any device, from any location, at any time.  Digital workspaces transcend platforms -- whether on-premises or in the cloud -- performance and availability is consistent and predictable.

Purpose-Built Digital Workspace Management Solutions are Key to DEX Success

Liquidware presents a roadmap for delivering DWM to organizations which are pursuing optimum Digital Employee Experience (DEX) across all of their global workspace regardless of location and technology platforms used.

Our solutions offer the following strategic benefits by:

  • Building on existing infrastructure so investments are not lost.  Staff works with familiar approaches. Existing infrastructure and systems are not disrupted or displaced.
  • Offering a platform-agnostic approach in which workspace environments are heterogeneous.  Organizations are freed from stove-piped structures that restrict growth. Existing processes are automated to facilitate higher levels of control, security and efficiency that sets the stage for comprehensive disaster recovery.
  • Enabling emerging technologies and approaches to be introduced into the environment seamlessly and quickly, enriching the user experience without increasing cost over time.
  • Aligning workspace design to user requirements and work modes, supporting the use of best-of-breed workspace technologies for an optimum end-user experience.
  • Enabling administrators to migrate and co-exist users across evolving platforms easily (Windows OS/application versions, and virtual, physical, cloud platforms, etc.).

Liquidware’s Robust and Complete DEX Solutions Suite

Choose the most comprehensive and dynamic Digital Employee Experience (DEX) ecosystem with Liquidware's robust lineup. ProfileUnity, FlexApp, Stratusphere UX, and CommandCTRL collectively ensure efficient user and application management, supporting platforms such as Microsoft AVD, Citrix CVAD, Dizzion Frame, and VMware Horizon. Revolutionize application delivery, empower your workforce, and elevate DEX with comprehensive monitoring, analytics, and real-time remediation. Together, these solutions form an unmatched powerhouse for optimal DEX across all digital workspaces.

Manage DEX Efficiently with ProfileUnity – User and Application Management

ProfileUnity™ empowers you with complete User and Application Management, built for large-scale Microsoft Windows deployments. Manage any platform, including Microsoft AVD, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD), Dizzion Frame, and VMware Horizon, with ease.

Deliver DEX with FlexApp – Revolutionizing Application Delivery

Empower your workforce, deliver, and simplify the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) with Liquidware FlexApp. Deliver portable attached apps on-demand without modifying base images.

Monitor DEX with Stratusphere UX – Gain Insights, Optimize Experiences

Elevate your Digital Employee Experience (DEX) with Stratusphere™ UX, the comprehensive monitoring, analytics, and diagnostics solution from Liquidware. Go beyond traditional monitoring and gain actionable insights into the health and performance of your user environment.

Control DEX with CommandCTRL– Take Command of Your Digital Employee Experience

Empower your IT team and enhance your Digital Employee Experience (DEX) with CommandCTRL™, the revolutionary real-time remediation solution from Liquidware.