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Get More Save More with Liquidware

Save Money While Getting More out of Your Digital Workspaces

Liquidware Digital Workspace Solutions enable organizations to reduce your cost of operations and initial investment while gaining sizeable increases in efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re considering one or all the solutions in the industry’s only complete Digital Workspace Management suite, your organization will be empowered with more efficient workspace administration, increased user effectiveness and productivity, all while streamlining the management and delivery of your digital workspaces.

Manage Workspace Environments More Efficiently

Cost Savings Management
  • Plan for workspace transitions by providing you with decision support for how to design next-generation workspace environments.
  • Automate and monitor the status of end user migrations to new Windows OS's and workspace platforms, such as AWS or AWD.
  • Drastically lower time and effort to manage base images of digital workspace environments.
  • Save an average of five (5) hours per workspace in administrative person hours annually. That's 10,000 hours per 2,000 desktops!

Increase User Productivity Significantly

Cost Savings Productivity
  • Deploy migrations with absolutely no user downtime for instant productivity upon login.
  • Users can use the new workspace platform from day one, with all their personalization carried over completely.
  • Quickly resolve bottlenecks and bad actor applications and processes that can affect user experience quality.
  • Prevent unplanned downtime by an average of 20 hours per user per year.

Fast Troubleshooting

Faster Troubleshooting
  • Gain visibility and understand your User Experience at a glance.
  • Troubleshoot and remediate desktop and workspace issues quickly.
  • Support help desk operations with quicker identification, troubleshooting and escalation of UX issues.
  • Find the root cause of all problem areas affecting workspace performance.  No more guessing and finger-pointing!
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot workspaces rapidly to save more than 8 hours of user productivity annually!

Grow and Scale Environment with Precise Accuracy

Scale your infastructure faster and better
  • Assess desktop infrastructure and images to prepare for Windows OS upgrades to latest versions.
  • Plan capacity of storage, RAM, and CPU for physical, virtual and cloud workspace environments.
  • Burst scale remote workspaces to keep work from home users productive during unplanned downtime and pandemics.
  • Avoid costly over-sizing or under-sizing of workspace infrastructure, across endpoints, servers and storage.
  • Adapt to new operating systems and platforms seamlessly up to 20x faster with no disruption for end users!

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