Liquidware FlexApp v6.8.5 Now Generally Available

Containerize virtually any app, including MSIX and Microsoft App-V.

CHICAGO, IL. February 28, 2023 — Liquidware, the leader in digital workspace management, today announced the availability of FlexApp v6.8.5. This release breathes new life into the legacy Microsoft App-V format by automatically converting them into FlexApps. Modern applications such as MSIX are also now supported en masse.

FlexApp containerizes virtually any Windows app into a portable virtual hard disk which can contain one or more applications. FlexApp applications are never installed into a Windows base image, they are simply “attached”, yet look and react as if they were natively installed. This approach gives FlexApp the highest application compatibility ranking in the industry and has won it several industry awards.

Enterprises with hundreds, or even thousands, of apps have found FlexApp easy to adopt since it features the industry’s only fully automated packaging console. That same innovative packaging console saves an incredible amount of time and money through automation. The packaging console already supported every popular Windows application format installed and has now been enhanced to include Microsoft App-V and MSIX application formats. The benefit of converting any application to the FlexApp format is that base image management becomes very straightforward since a more general image can be leveraged across all users in the organization, while the apps they need are simply attached by user, group, or other context aware attribute.

Functionality for FlexApp's recent FlexApp One self-contained application format has also been extended in this version. FlexApp One packages are ultra-portable and can be deployed by any means, including Microsoft Intune, Cloud file sharing services, any software deployment solution such as Ivanti DSM, or leading third party management control planes such as Nerdio Manager from Nerdio. FlexApp One package creation is now easier than ever with integrated support in FlexApp’s packaging console.

“FlexApp One is a great innovation, particularly now with the integrated ProfileUnity console support,” said Jeremy Stroebel, IT Director, a leading Liquidware customer. “We’ve been using ProfileUnity with FlexApp for some time now and these new features make packaging easier and faster and allow us to deliver them to any device, greatly extending the value of the solutions to our organization.”

Additional features in FlexApp v6.8.5 include:

  • FlexApp Packager API – third-party vendors, such as application testing software solutions, can now easily and directly package FlexApps with this new API
  • Predictive Block Caching  — Cloud or on-prem hosted FlexApp packages now benefit from predictive block caching to the end user session, enabling large applications to launch at native speeds
  • Triggers — FlexApps can be applied or removed from users’ workspaces during the user session based on criteria that may have changed, such as location or time of day, supporting compliance use cases
  • Packager Built-in Rollback and Auto OS Optimization — The FlexApp Packaging Console now features the ability to roll the OS back and that the OS is optimized for seamless packaging
  • Additional new features include version control, merge layer capabilities, post-login support for app attachment, and more!

 “The new features in this release of FlexApp are in direct response to our enterprise customer requests,” said Jason Mattox, CTO, Liquidware. “Packaging apps of any type, and of any number, is now easier with the newly supported formats, our automated packaging enhancements, and performance increases in application playback. If organizations are still managing countless base images for app deployment they should most certainly consider FlexApp.”

The latest version is now available for a free trial, download here.

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