Liquidware Labs Decodes User Environment Management for VDI

Newly commissioned whitepaper by industry experts delves into why UEM is critical to successful desktop transformation projects

Chicago, IL – January 6, 2015 - Liquidware Labs, the leader in desktop transformation software solutions, today announced the availability of a newly commissioned whitepaper providing a detailed overview of User Environment Management (UEM) technologies from leading desktop industry expert and author Trevor Pott and his team at eGeek Consulting.  The UEM whitepaper provides the reader with a comprehensive overview and recommendations for successfully managing Windows desktop users pre-, during and post- desktop transformation, whether upgrading the Windows OS, migrating to a virtual desktop environment or simply bringing desktop users under management for greater control and security.  Moreover, with the increasing acceptance of application virtualization and application layering technologies, UEM is playing an ever more important role in delivering applications on demand to mobile desktop users.

Jason Smith, director of UEM solutions at Liquidware Labs commented, “Anyone who is involved supporting hundreds of desktops on a daily basis understands the challenges and frustrations of managing user environments, but it’s still not clear to many as to the best route to address these.  As a system administrator himself, Trevor has tremendous incisive insight into multiple scenarios, which makes this whitepaper mandatory reading for anyone supporting Windows desktops today.”

With a surge in customers moving to VDI, particularly since Microsoft changed its licensing policy to per user versus per device recently, this UEM whitepaper provides system administrators with a detailed and accelerated path to success by clearly defining best practices.  As Trevor points out in the whitepaper, “UEM is more than just user management, it is truly user experience management; a concept that incorporates heightened security, availability, environment and performance.  The proliferation of computers into every facet of our lives and businesses, leads to an ever-increasing complexity in managing and maintaining that experience. And, it isn’t just a ‘feature’, it is something to be considered in its own right; a complex problem requiring earnest dedication to the solution.”

The whitepaper will form the centerpiece of a new campaign that Liquidware Labs officially launched December 10th, 2014 with a webinar broadcast to its channel partners.  Today, the company launches this campaign to the user community at large.   For those who would like to get a copy of the UEM whitepaper, it can be downloaded here.  More information about how Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity solution delivers sophisticated UEM features can be found here.

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