Liquidware Labs Solutions Showcased at VMworld 2014

Company’s solutions provide important pieces that customers need to architect robust and scalable end-user computing infrastructures, especially in light of recent Horizon 6 launch.

August 25, 2014 – VMworld®, San Francisco - Liquidware Labs™, the leader in desktop transformation software solutions, announced today that it will be demonstrating its innovative products at Booth #2528 at VMworld in San Francisco, August 24th through the 28th.

Attendees can learn more about the new features in the company’s offerings being unveiled at the event. 

Liquidware Labs’ comprehensive monitoring, performance validation and diagnostics solution, Stratusphere UX, received a number of notable updates that will be shown at VMworld. Increasing the solution’s user experience visibility, Stratusphere UX adds inspection capabilities for display protocol metrics, such as PCoIP, ICA and RDP, as well as updated dashboard capabilities in the advanced overview tabs. Similarly, Stratusphere UX now provides browser-tab level visibility for Google Chrome performance and resource consumption. For customers looking to extend the power and flexibility of user-experience data, Stratusphere UX now offers a powerful API that can flow metrics and information into other operational and systems platforms as well as provide ad hoc reporting capabilities.

Flex-IO, IOPS Acceleration software for stateless VDI environments, has also been updated. Flex-IO now boasts enhanced performance under full VDI pool workload that has been proven to gain superior results in overall read and write IOPS as well as decreased latency.

ProfileUnity, the company’s popular User Profile and User Environment Management software has recently received significant updates.  The latest version, released in July, features new Application Rights Management, which enables administrators to allow or deny applications from being executed, delivered, or installed on select users’ Windows physical or virtual desktops and laptops. In-session policy and profile changes and saves are also now possible with the new Triggers feature. Organizations will also find their familiar classic Start Menu option for Windows 8.x, something that the market has been requesting.

VMworld attendees can learn more about Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity in action in a large and demanding customer environment at presentation:  EUC1692 - Overcoming 21st Century Education Challenges with VDI which highlights Buffalo Public Schools (BPS).

BPS is the second largest school district in New York State, and serves approximately 35,000 students across 60 facilities. Their VDI deployment is one of the largest VMware Horizon® View™ Standard Edition installations to date.   A critical decision involved finding the best way to manage students’, faculty and staff profiles across such a large environment, and for this function, BPS chose Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity.   The deployment has been a resounding success for the organization, literally transforming the delivery of the computing resources needed to support learning across primary and secondary curricula.

BPS CTO Sanjay Gilani is pleased that the district’s accomplishments will be highlighted at the event. 

“We had major challenges to overcome when we started this project, but we knew that the quality of our students’ education depended on getting the technical infrastructure correct.   This presentation allows other K-12 school districts to learn about and benefit from our pioneering work in this area,” said Gilani.

Mr. Gilani added that utilizing Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity was imperative to rolling out virtual desktops across a school district of this complexity with a myriad of teaching and learning needs. “We knew that profile and environment management in an installation of this size would be critical.  We wanted to leverage non-persistent desktops in order to keep the costs and management reasonable, but another essential goal was also to ensure that faculty and students had the full desktop experience with all learning resources available,” said Gilani.  “When you look at all the parameters that drove our decision, including affordability, scalability and robust functionality that spanned user profiles, user environment management and application layering management, only ProfileUnity fit all these criteria.”

“Customer successes -- such as the one at Buffalo Public Schools -- continue to inspire us at VMware to seek out and recognize the achievements of our ecosystem, who are increasingly instrumental in the success of VMware Horizon® deployments,” said Kit Colbert, CTO, End-User Computing at VMware.  “Liquidware Labs has done an outstanding job of bringing new features and functionality to market to make end-user computing in all of its forms easier to understand and deploy, helping reduce costs and complexities.”

Adopters of newly released VMware Horizon 6 are quickly discovering the value of Liquidware Labs’ comprehensive suite of solutions, including Stratusphere FIT, Stratusphere UX, ProfileUnity with FlexApp and Flex-IO in their initiatives, especially as their environments go into production and scale.

“Desktop virtualization adopters have grown very sophisticated and want to deploy best practices and work with world-class vendors to get the most out of their investments.  With the launch of VMware Horizon 6, they now have more options than ever,” said Chris Akerberg, President and COO of Liquidware Labs. “Our solutions provide closely interconnected, complementary functionality so customers can achieve the best results, both now and as VMware Horizon continues to evolve.”

About Liquidware Labs
Liquidware Labs™ is the leader in desktop transformation solutions for next-generation physical and virtual desktops, including VMware View®, Citrix® XenDesktop, Red Hat® and Microsoft® Windows 7. The company's innovative Stratusphere™ FIT and Stratusphere™ UX products support assessment, design, monitoring and diagnostics (Health Checks) of virtual desktop environments. Liquidware Labs award-winning ProfileUnity™ solution with FlexApp, FlexDisk features supports migration to Windows 7, and user management and application virtualization.  Flex-IO supports IOPS acceleration in virtual desktop environments.  Liquidware Labs products are VMware-certified and Citrix Ready, and are available through a global network of partners. Visit for further information.