Help Desk Support

Optimize Help Desk Operations

Today, more employees work remotely and with multiple workspaces including physical, virtual or cloud in hybrid environments.  IT staff is challenged to gain visibility into the user experience on all the platforms used as well as the underlying infrastructure that supports them. To manage this scenario, Support Admins need:

  • Real-time actionable accurate data to quickly identify the root causes of problems and rapidly remediate them.
  • Solutions to monitor and troubleshoot diverse workspaces need to be platform-agnostic, working equally well across multiple platforms (VMware, Citrix, Azure Windows Desktops, and Amazon Workspaces) as well as multiple operating systems.
  • Multi-prong tactics to diagnose issues, including live conversations with users, an at-a-glance view of performance to pinpoint abnormal readings, and the ability to playback historical data to understand what occurred.

Optimizing Help Desk Operations with CommandCTRL

CommandCTRL, Liquidware's powerful real-time SaaS remediation solution transforms how admins can manage Windows and macOS workspaces anywhere in the world.  Troubleshoot remote desktops—physical, virtual, or cloud-based, with ease with these key features:

  • Get instant, accurate data with real-time metrics, diagnostics, and remediation capabilities.
  • Quick search allows you to easily find users, machines, processes, and services.
  • Use the Dashboard view to spot root causes of issues immediately.
  • Use the Task-Manager view to rapidly execute remediation actions.
  • Watch DVR playback function with 30 days of history to see issues as they happened.
  • Create custom scripts and execute them with PowerShell and Cmd options.
  • Communicate directly with users via built-in Quick Assist and Remote Assist.