Stratusphere™ UX

Stratusphere UX

Stratusphere UX Use Cases

Gain visibility for all of your users, all machines and all applications—all of the time

Define and leverage a user-centric performance metric to drive success in your infrastructure

Leverage user experience to define ‘normal’ and manage users through their lifecycle.

Empower your help desk to proactively monitor and prioritize the details that matter most

User Experience Monitoring and Diagnostics Solution for Physical, Virtual and Cloud-hosted Workspaces

Part of Liquidware's Adaptive Workspace Management suite, Stratusphere UX is the industry-leading user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution. An independent and platform-agnostic architecture, the solution provides user-centric visibility that is persistent across platform and workspace delivery. User behavior is unpredictable; and treating every workspace the same will lead to a gap in meeting expectations. The ability to examine user, machine and application workloads from the user point of view is critically important. Whether casting an Applications Strategy or looking to baseline, optimize or diagnose the Machine Boot & Login Process, Stratusphere UX minimizes unknowns, reduces risk and delivers visibility that is representative of the user's point of view. Stratusphere UX also provides CPU process optimization. Curbing application poor performance yields instant ROI in terms of manageability—translates to reduced help desk calls, extending life of older PCs and increased utilization of server hosts.

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