Stratusphere UX SpotCheck Feature

The ability to meet user expectations and deliver the user experience in a shared infrastructure or cloud environment can be a complex and challenging task. The resources that support platforms, such as those offered by VMware and Citrix, are difficult to troubleshoot and optimize. Beyond on-premises approaches, cloud platforms from Amazon, Google and Microsoft can further complicate the delivery of end-user-experience. To assist in these efforts, Liquidware has created a point-in-time inspection methodology called the SpotCheck. The technique outlines a broad-to-narrow series of steps that enable a cursory health check of an existing platform or architecture. The SpotCheck inspection focuses on key user-experience metrics and leverages known levels of acceptable performance and baselines as a means to identify infrastructure and platform constraints that can contribute to a poor user-experience.

SpotCheck Methodology

Objectives of the SpotCheck Inspection

The SpotCheck inspection should be employed to examine overall infrastructure and platform health as a means to provide a “point-in-time” picture of resource usage and performance of the virtual or cloud workspace environment. Some key reasons include:

  • Provide a 360° view of virtual desktop resource usage and overall performance
  • Gain visibility of critical issues, both known and unknown
  • Identify and provide analysis of bottlenecks and performance issues
  • Establish real-world thresholds as a baseline to gauge normal/abnormal operations
  • Document and report on findings to facilitate communications with internal and external stakeholders and to provide evidence for remediation and resolution

SpotCheck Inspections are a good way to stay ahead of the complexity and challenges associated with supporting common platform and cloud architectures. The methodology provides you with the visibility — details, metrics and information — necessary to minimize risk in your environment and make sure you are meeting performance expectations and delivering satisfying user-experience.

SpotCheck Methodology