Automated seamless migration for Microsoft WVD and Windows 10 EVD

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 14:15
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Jason E. Smith

Liquidware’s User Environment Management enables seamless onboarding of users to Microsoft WVD and Windows 10 Multi-User (EVD-Enterprise Virtual Desktop). The process avoids the time consuming process of a traditional user migrations by automating the process in seconds. User profiles, policies, and data are automatically harvested to centralized Azure storage and the user can immediately logon to a Windows WVD environment with zero downtime. ProfileUnity quickly hydrates the FSLogix profile container with the user’s pre-existing profile at logon. With the user’s familiar environment and user authored data at their fingertips (even across mixed OS environments), the user is immediately productive and Microsoft WVD workspace adoption is hastened. The solution is compatible with any Windows desktop including physical, RDP, Citrix, VMware, and Amazon Workspaces.

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