Application Layering Comparison

FlexApp Application Layering is a fully integrated solution that leverages profile settings and policies within ProfileUnity, but can also be implemented as a stand-alone solution. 

Note: As desktop solutions are constantly in the process of change, Liquidware Labs makes no claims as to the functionality offered by any other competing product.  However this chart represents a relevant checklist of the requisite features of an application layering solution and can be used to compare specific other products to FlexApp.

Below is a Comparison Checklist that describes how FlexApp advantages compare to other available solutions.

Key Advantages FlexApp Others  Details
Detailed Overview of FlexApp's Competitive Advantages
Seamless integration with the corresponding ProfileUnity management platform Yes No More Info
Point and Click clustering embedded within the solution. No need for separate load balancers or SQL clusters Yes No More Info
Directly creating and manipulating the VHD and VMDK files which leads to greater efficiency and optimization without the need for templates Yes No More Info
Seamless integration and support for numerous cloud based strategies including CWC and Microsoft Azure Yes No  
FlexApp Layering Filter driver technology is designed to be OS friendly built in the user space leveraging the .NET platform as opposed to other solutions Yes No More Info
Transfer layers between VMDK and VHD architectures Yes No More Info
The ability to clone individual FlexApp Layers for enhanced update capabilities Yes Raw  
FlexApp Layering provides support for Outlook Indexing, which can be a tremendous user experience benefit for the enterprise Yes No More Info
Seamless integration with many platform vendors as opposed to a single platform Yes No More Info
Reduced infrastructure overhead, by making fewer inquiries to the hypervisor Yes No More Info

Opportunity to eliminate “Image Jail” and begin to take advantage of true non-persistence within environments

Yes Raw More Info

Note: FlexApp competes with and is a clear alternative to Application Layering products and solutions such as VMware App Volumes and Citrix AppDisks. VMware App Volumes and Citrix AppDisks are not trademarks of Liquidware Labs and it is not our intent to claim these as our own. For more details about how our products compare to a specific competing product, please contact

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