ProfileUnity Use Cases

ProfileUnity makes migrations to a newer Windows OS 4X faster and more accurate than manual processes with a migrate once-and-forever feature.

A standard feature in ProfileUnity, Application Rights Management features enable application restrictions and privilege elevation.

ProfileUnity goes beyond basic profile management, offering advanced control over the entire user environment.

Manage User Profiles Across All Desktop Platforms -- Physical, Virtual and Cloud

ProfileUnity is sophisticated User Environment Management that ends the need for roaming profiles or basic profile tools. The solution supports automated migrations to Windows 10 and Server 2016.  ProfileUnity speeds overall logon times and streamlines user management, by providing unified User Profiles with Application Rights Management and Context-Aware Policies for granular control of users on any Windows OS, on any desktop delivery platform, including physical, virtual or cloud. ProfileDisk is a special feature in ProfileUnity, that leverages a provisioned VHD or VMDK to handle extremely large profiles (including those with MS Outlook Index and Search, and Microsoft Office 365 Caching) to deliver lightning fast profiles that are fully customizable.  For more details, see the  ProfileUnity Advanced Features List.

“Liquidware provided us with the tools and the methodology to verify and validate what we had built. Stratusphere UX is a tool that let us peek behind the curtain and see what...

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