Stratusphere™ UX

User Experience Monitoring Solution

Stratusphere  provides the visibility required to more effectively manage desktop performance and the user experience. From the very moment users turn on or connect to their workspace, you want to ensure they have the resources they need to be productive. Stratusphere helps you meet user expectations by providing the visibility necessary for machine boot and login process troubleshooting and optimization, health checks, platform validation, and much, much more. Stratusphere also supports troubleshooting performance issues in Citrix XenApp and VMware Horizon environments.

Stratusphere  is platform-agnostic and is designed to support all Microsoft Windows-based workloads. The solution complements Citrix EdgeSight and Director for comprehensive Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Monitoring as well as the VMware Horizon platform. Stratusphere UX provides the visability and in-guest details necessary to meet user expectations and deliver user experience.

Top Reasons Organizations Choose Stratusphere for Desktop Monitoring

  • Supports physical and virtual desktop workloads in a single console
  • Virtualization platform-agnostic, supporting all major hypervisors and all major desktop platforms
  • Offers detailed time-based metrics for all Windows-based desktop delivery approaches
  • Provides a view of users, machines and applications as well as the supporting infrastructure and architecture
  • Quantify and trend the user experience for all machines, all the time
  • Helps build confidence to scale and grow virtual investments, from proof-of-concept to fully-scaled production environments
  • Facilitates quick identification of constraints to easily diagnose root cause and troubleshoot virtual infrastructures
  • Validates infrastructure changes and helps you stay ahead of performance constraints

Stratusphere Fast Facts

Under The Covers

Learn more about the Stratusphere Architecture and how it provides visibility into the infrastructure and architectures that support virtual desktop infrastructure and RDSH architectures. Stratusphere offers additional desktop metrics that round out those provided by VMware vRealize Operations for diagnosing and troubleshooting VMware Horizon environments. Stratusphere also provides complementary functionality to Citrix EdgeSight and Director for comprehensive Citrix Monitoring. For more details about how Stratusphere UX compares to other monitoring solutions, visit the User Experience Comparison Overview.

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