Assess for the Desktop Transformation

Virtualization has provided us with an opportunity to profoundly transform the desktop. Whether the final approach is virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), using offerings such as VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop, or gaining control of applications with RDS-hosted applications via VMware Horizon or Citrix XenApp; gaining visibility and assessing the granular details about your current desktop state with a virtual desktop assessment is an important first step in the transformational journey.

Stratusphere FIT is designed to support this journey and allow you to easily gather metrics and information about your current desktop consumption. It can not only identify constraining factors early in the process, but can also help to determine whether users, groups and applications are a good fit for a virtual transformation. A virtual desktop assessment with Liquidware Labs Stratusphere FIT provides you with an accurate picture of the existing environment in terms of:

  • Users and user groups
  • Applications and application versions
  • Used versus installed applications
  • Operating systems
  • Resources including CPU, RAM, Disk and graphics (GPU)
  • Storage IOPs
  • Network bandwidth

These virtual desktop assessment metrics supply the critical information needed to baseline performance and the user experience. This information is invaluable when making a move to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or RDS-hosted applications—not only to plan for resources, but to baseline "normal" performance as a means to define success. Further, this definition of user experience and performance can act as a key performance goal, allowing you to proactively define success in the transformation when an equal or greater user experience is measured post transformation. A captured user experience baseline with Stratusphere FIT can easily be validated post transformation with Stratusphere UX—a great way to define service level goals and help ensure users remain productive. 

Of course, supporting the desktop infrastructure and application infrastructure design is another key aspect of the virtual desktop assessment process. Stratusphere FIT and a thoughtful methodology will help you to ensure you identify the best user and application candidates as well as identify constraining factors along the way. And as you progress on your journey, you'll want to make sure you have the information available to optimally design a desktop image and application strategy. Related, you'll want to be sure that all contributing components of the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or RDS-hosted infrastructure are up for the task.