Liquidware Labs Showcases Industry’s Best, Most Complete Desktop Management Suite at VMworld 2015

Companies Essentials Bundle provides best value across Virtual and Physical Environments, delivering on-demand Application Layering integrated with UEM; and enterprise-class, user experience monitoring.

CHICAGO, IL & SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 31, 2015 – Liquidware Labs, the leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced that the company will be demonstrating new features in their Stratusphere™ UX and ProfileUnity™ with FlexApp™ solutions at its Booth 2630. Liquidware Labs is the leading provider of and first-to-market with an innovative Workspace Environment Management bundle, called Essentials. This bundle, which combines ProfileUnity, FlexApp and Stratusphere UX, is a clear platform-agnostic alternative for VMware’s Horizon Application Management Bundle, and can go beyond just supporting VMware Horizon to supporting ALL enterprise desktops, including RDSH, Citrix and physical.

In today’s heterogeneous desktop environments, customers want solutions that can span different virtualized desktop platforms. Liquidware Labs has long been providing visibility, user environment management (UEM) and application layering to enterprise customers such as American Express, Wal-Mart, Dunkin Brands and Hyundai Heavy Industries, among others. The company also has a significant customer base across Education, State and Local Government and among U.S. Federal Agencies.

"We were the first company to promote a comprehensive end-user computing solutions suite. Every succeeding version of our products have significantly advanced our customers’ ability to deliver the right customized experience required by the specific needs of their user groups," commented Jason Mattox, CTO, Liquidware Labs. "The enhanced functionality of both Stratusphere UX and ProfileUnity with FlexApp is in direct response to enterprise customer requests. But while we continue to add sophisticated functionality, we remain focused on significantly reducing cost and complexity in desktop environments, which offers a tremendous advantage for all customers with desktop transformation objectives."

New ProfileUnity with FlexApp features being demonstrated at the show include:

  • FlexApp Layering can now layer even complex applications that require drivers and services, even on a per user basis. Other solutions are limited to machine level application assignment.
  • FlexDisk VMDK option for VMFS storage, providing up to 58 VMDK per user, more than any other layering solution.
  • ProfileDisk technology speeds logon. VHD-based or VMDK- based ProfileDisks dramatically speed user logon times by seamlessly mounting the entire user profile from disk, supplying the benefits of native profile performance with instant delivery of a user profile.
  • Point and Click Clustering for HA offers highly-available and highly scalable clustered configuration has been introduced for ease of HA setup. ProfileUnity includes exclusive point-and-click clustering, removing the requirement for complex setup, network load balancers or external database clusters.
  • Exclusive Messaging Fabric removes any single point of failure or scaling contention when processing requests for application layers, when hypervisor storage is used.

New Stratusphere features being demonstrated at the show include:

  • Login Breakdown for unique measuring and reporting on login events to identify any delaying bottlenecks. You can trend this information for the user, machine or a pool level by using machine groups.
  • GPU Compatibility for NVidia feature to measure and report on the latest GPU enabled VDI and physical delivery mechanisms.
  • Stratusphere UX API is a point and click GUI API builder to assist any level administrator or consultant to extract information from Stratusphere UX and repurpose it.
  • Desktop Applications and Web URLs for Web browser URL monitoring has been added for Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Expanded Linux Monitoring NFS to mount monitoring to the already robust Linux desktop, user and application monitoring agent.

Supporting 3rd Party Quotes:

"Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity with FlexApp is a valid third-party solution that seems to be primed to hit a sweet spot in the market. It offers robust UEM features including Application Rights Management and fully baked integration with Application Layering that will strike the right chord with many customers."

-- Rob Beekmans, vThoughts of IT

"ProfileUnity’s integration of full User Environment Management with FlexApp Layering is intuitive and easy to manage with one central web console,” said Alex C. Dubois, Sr. Virtualization Consultant for Lumenate, a technical consulting firm focused on enabling and securing the virtualized enterprises. “The product’s tried-and-true UEM features, coupled with the updated features in FlexApp, continue to raise the bar in the industry."

"We just rolled out the latest version of ProfileUnity internally at LPS. Putting it in fixed so many issues so fast, and it has been rock-solid stable. If you want a robust User Environment Management solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg without the overhead of SQL databases, ProfileUnity is for you," said Patrick Coble, Director of End User Computing, LPS Integration. "The solution is lightweight, scalable and simply just works. My advice is to stop suffering with basic profile tools and folder redirection. Deliver a better User Environment for your users with ProfileUnity and enjoy fast logons and integrated advanced features like FlexApp Layering and Application Rights Management."

"Liquidware Labs Essentials is our go-to workspace environment suite for customers looking for highly scalable UEM, Application Layering, and added user experience visibility," said Alex Pelster, Director, FlexVirtual. "Liquidware Labs listens to their customers and partners to develop solutions that make VDI easier to manage, more resilient, and highly scalable. The new features in ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Stratusphere continue to impress us and our customers."

"ProfileUnity and FlexApp’s single pane-of-glass for both UEM and App Layering is a big advantage over competing piecemeal solutions," said Stuart England, head of End User Computing at 4way Solutions, a UK based consultancy specializing in virtualization. "Liquidware Labs Essentials suite with Stratusphere adds even further value to customers. Robust features and a cost-effective price point allows us to save customers as much as 25 percent of their licensing costs by choosing a best-of-breed solution consisting of VMware Horizon Standard with ProfileUnity, FlexApp, and Stratusphere."

About Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs™ provides industry leading platform-agnostic desktop solutions for hybrid Windows desktop environments including Citrix® XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View®, and physical Microsoft® Windows PCs. Stratusphere™ FIT and Stratusphere™ UX products deliver visibility into desktop environments and support assessment, design, monitoring and diagnostics (Health Checks). ProfileUnity provides just in time delivery of User Profiles, application and user rights management and context-aware policies. ProfileUnity’s FlexApp feature delivers advanced Application Layering. Flex-IO supports IOPS acceleration in virtual desktop environments. The solutions are available in an extremely cost-effectively priced bundle called Liquidware Labs Essentials. Liquidware Labs products are Citrix Ready, VMware-certified, and are available through a global network of partners. Visit for further information.