City of Ede

Stratusphere UX Provides the City of Ede with Critical Visibility

The city of Ede is located in the center of the Netherlands, directly between the larger cities of Utrecht and Arnhem in the province of Gelderland. The population is slightly more than 100,000 people. The Saxons founded this beautiful, picturesque city in the 8th century. Matthijs Hilboezen, Workspace Infrastructure Engineer at the municipality of Ede, is responsible for 1,000 concurrent virtual desktops running Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

The city of Ede has been a satisfied Stratusphere UX customer since 2017. The solution is used to gain insight into the user experience and performance of the city’s employees’ workspaces. Problems experienced are remediated quickly and transparently with Stratusphere UX to improve user experience. With the recent pandemic forcing a Work From Home policy, Stratusphere UX has delivered even great value for the city’s council offices.

The city of Ede uses Stratusphere UX both proactively and reactively. Reactively when problems arise, for example long login times or crashed systems. Proactively when application updates or Windows version changes are made. Steven van de Graaf, IT Manager at the city of Ede said, “Stratusphere UX offers us insights into our infrastructure that we did not have before; but also ensures that we are not faced with surprises. As a result, we have been able to be proactive about our workspace management. Certainly in these times where working from home has become very important to us, we want to facilitate our employees to be able to work from home and at the same time remain in control as IT and ensure optimal user experience! Liquidware has been an integral part of this.”