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User Profile
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Manage Users Across All Desktop Platforms – Physical, Virtual and Cloud

ProfileUnity goes beyond the limits of platform specific profile tools to provide full User Environment Management to address the needs of enterprise deployments of Microsoft Windows at scale. The solution supports zero-downtime user workspace transformations and ongoing user management for any Windows operating system or delivery platform, including Microsoft AVD, Citrix Virtual Apps, and VMware Horizon. See below for key product features. For a comprehensive detailed list of features, visit ProfileUnity Comprehensive Features List.

Product Features

ProfileUnity Context Aware Filters Feature
Context Aware Filters
Leverage more than 300 combinations of context-variables variables to create granular policies or to replace /extend MS AD GPOs.
ProfileUnity ProfileDisk Feature
ProfileDisk supports extremely large users' profiles on a VHD or VMDK, solving issues related to MS Office 365 Index /Search and Cache Mode.
ProfileUnity Cloud Storage Feature
Cloud Storage
API-level integration cloud storage support is seamless and fully integrated with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure platforms.

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