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Deliver Optimum DEX for All Users Across All Desktop Platforms – Physical, Virtual and Cloud

ProfileUnity™ empowers you with complete User and Application Management, built for large-scale Microsoft Windows deployments. Centrally manage users and apps in any physical or virtual Windows platform, including Windows 365 and Microsoft AVD.

Key Features:

  • Zero-Downtime Transformations: Roll out new desktops, applications, and configurations without disrupting users.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Manage any Windows environment, ensuring seamless user experience across your infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive Control:
    • Context-Aware Application Management: Deliver Liquidware FlexApp™, MSIX, App-V, ThinApp, and Amazon AppStream 2.0 applications based on user, group, device, usage, and network context.
    • Application Portability (FlexApp): Streamline application delivery and reduce storage requirements.
    • Application Rights Management: Securely control user access to applications and prevent unauthorized execution.
    • Application Inventory Tracking: Gain insights into application allocation and access.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Securely manage user rights, application access, or cloak applications, ensuring compliance with your policies.
  • Improved User Productivity: Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery of user data and profiles, including the restoration or rollback of FSLogix and Citrix Profile Manager based profiles.
  • Reduced Management Overhead: Centralize configuration and deployment, efficiently manage user environments with logging and roll based access management.


  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved User Experience
  • Increased Security
  • Enhanced Compliance

Unique Features:

  • Dual Profile Handling Technologies: File/registry based as well as ProfileDisk™ profiles for optimized performance and scalability.
  • Advanced Environment Management: Automate data migration without impacting user productivity.
  • Integrated Application Rights Management: Securely control user application access.
  • Context-Aware User Experience: Adapt the user environment based on multiple factors.

 For a comprehensive detailed list of features, visit ProfileUnity Comprehensive Features List.

Product Features

ProfileUnity Context Aware Filters Feature
Context Aware Filters
Leverage more than 300 combinations of context-variables variables to create granular policies or to replace /extend MS AD GPOs.
ProfileUnity ProfileDisk Feature
ProfileDisk supports extremely large users' profiles on a VHD or VMDK, solving issues related to MS Office 365 Index /Search and Cache Mode.
ProfileUnity Cloud Storage Feature
Cloud Storage
API-level integration cloud storage support is seamless and fully integrated with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure platforms.

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"ProfileUnity is the Swiss Army knife for our VDI. ProfileUnity makes it so easy to see what needs to be done and gives you the tools to do it. It’s easy to deal with a...

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