Professional Services

Professional Services

Digital Workspace Transformation with Liquidware PSO

Liquidware has a team of professional services (PSO) staff ready to assist your enterprise with your digital workspace transformation. Whether you are piloting a new workspace environment, migrating users to a new platform, or rapidly scaling in production, Liquidware’s PSO expertise is second to none.

Liquidware’s Digital Workspace Management solutions deliver unparalleled features and functionality for your enterprise. While the solutions lead the market in ease of install and use, every enterprise project has unique needs that must be addressed for success.

Perhaps you are consolidating two or more enterprises after a merger, migrating to an operating system or virtual desktop, or you want to leverage more cloud storage and compute to improve business continuity – whatever your unique situation is, Liquidware Professional Services stand ready to assist.

Here are a few examples of where Liquidware Professional Services have been engaged to ensure the success of a digital workspace transformation project.  The examples and use cases contained in this document are project and customer specific. Every professional services engagement is different.  Consult with Liquidware for advice and an estimate in accord with your unique project and needs.

Vermont Law Firm — ProfileUnity Migration and Optimization

The IT staff at this law firm had a good handle on ProfileUnity usage and supercharged their project with 6 hours of Liquidware Professional Services. Liquidware assisted and optimized a Windows 10 Liquidware ProfileUnity configuration and managed a migration from Windows 7 to 10 including ensuring user authored data was securely stored and highly available.

Aerospace Systems Company — Implementation of FlexApp Layering

A leading aerospace systems firm secured 64 hours of Liquidware professional services to implement Liquidware FlexApp Layering in a unique way. The customer did not have the bandwidth to package the unique and numerous applications required for their deployment. Working with Liquidware PSO, they built a pool of virtual based packaging machines where IT staff specializing in application management can easily package the apps and submit them for deployment. The IT department then checks the package into the production system. Liquidware Professional Services also designed multi-site replication of the packages for redundancy for this large organization.

Southeastern University — Implementation of Stratusphere UX

A large southeastern university with 30,000+ students embarked on a cloud-based desktop project to ensure that every student had robust a university desktop to access classroom and lab software applications. Liquidware Professional Services was engaged for 30 hours to implement Stratusphere UX™ to assess current usage patterns and application required for the virtual environment. Metrics were also provided to help choose the tier of workspaces for subscription. Stratusphere UX was further leveraged to ensure that service level agreements (SLAs) with the cloud-based desktop platform were being met. The result was a highly available desktop with known UX available to students from anywhere.

International Banking Organization — Implementation of ProfileUnity with FlexApp

A large banking organization with more than 8,000 virtual machine users chose ProfileUnity with FlexApp to deliver the user environment and applications in a multi-domain Citrix environment. Liquidware Professional Services was engaged for 20 hours to assist with the implementation of the project. Liquidware optimized ProfileUnity configurations, drastically reduced logon times, and packaged the initial applications required for launch. The customer has been very happy with the results, saying, “You are truly a passionate engineer with a wealth of knowledge about the Liquidware products and your willingness to help others is exceptional.”

US Department of Energy — Migration Project with ProfileUnity and UEM Deployment

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) Nevada is running 2,600 seats of ProfileUnity to assist in their migration from older physical desktops to newer physical desktops on Windows 10, as well as maintain a consistent user experience in a virtual desktop environment. The DOE procured several hours of Liquidware Professional Services to perform the initial setup and configuration of their ProfileUnity user environment management deployment.

Healthcare/Cancer Center — Application Deployment with FlexApp

A leading cancer center based in Florida is deploying a new virtual desktop environment with Worldwide Technology, a Liquidware integration partner. The customer and partner contacted Liquidware PSO and procured up to 40 hours to assist with user persistence as well as application deployment with FlexApp. The customer is very happy with the implementation and solution.

Financial Services Organization — Integration of Stratusphere UX with ServiceNow

A well-known financial services firm that is a longstanding user of Stratusphere UX wanted user experience information from the solution integrated with their ServiceNow system. Liquidware Professional Services was engaged for up to 5 hours to setup the ServiceNow Kit for Stratusphere UX to integrate the solutions. The customer now has the ability to deliver customized user experience and diagnostics views from within ServiceNow to reach their goal of faster trouble ticket resolution for users.

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