Enhancing Windows Desktop Security

Windows Desktop Security

Key Use Cases For Windows Desktop Security

Liquidware Control Users

Control Users

Ensure policies are applied to restrict users' control over digital workspaces and applications.

Liquidware Manage Applications

Manage Applications

Inventory, upgrade and regularly patch centrally stored applications. Reduce application complexity.

Liquidware Monitor Infrastructure

Monitor Infrastructure

Spot abnormal behaviour, proactively monitor to ensure compliance with security best practices.

Support Best Practices for Strong Windows Digital Workspaces Security

Using Liquidware solutions to monitor your digital workspace environment and manage your users and applications, can go far in helping to secure your organization to meet best practices to prevent cyber-attacks.  And, in the worst case of unplanned downtime, Liquidware solutions can also be the basis for creating a proactive business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.  

We’re helping organizations lock down environments for all types of Windows digital  workspaces (virtual, physical, DaaS and cloud based) wherever employees are using them—at the enterprise, on the go or when working from home.  Liquidware solutions can support security best practices in the following ways:

Stratusphere UX

  • Get deep end-to-end visibility about the digital workspaces' environment across platforms,  and from the data center or cloud to the endpoints, with our Stratusphere UX solution.
  • Restrict or terminate suspicious or abnormally performing processes with the Process Optimization feature in Stratusphere UX.
  • Get extensive, near-real-time security metrics at your fingertips, including local workstation firewall, encryption, antivirus and spyware status, threat counts, device guard status, secure boot and credential status and more.
  • Stratusphere UX is also certified with ServiceNow to make your ITSM staff better informed to quickly spot unusual patterns and troubleshoot faster.
  • Perform regularly scheduled inventories and performance scans of applications to ensure licensing compliance, and to purge unapproved or old applications.


  • Keep users from installing unapproved apps and automatically enforce your whitelist and blacklist policies on all workspaces at all times with ProfileUnity's application rights management and group policy features. 
  • Enhance business continuity and enable fast workspace recovery by centrally storing and managing user profiles with ProfileUnity, which manages role-based access, automatically backs up user profiles and makes them portable, and can automatically back up user-authored data to cloud storage. It can enable entire workspace populations to be recovered in as little as four hours. See our workspace disaster recovery page for more details.
  • Restrict users’ ability (permissions) to install and run unwanted software applications.
  • Allow admins to reduce users' privileges from full admins to standard users, preventing hackers from using users' credentials to access the environment.


  • Reduce application vulnerability by storing and restricting access to properly configured and patched versions centrally and using FlexApp to stream them to users on demand.
  • Reduce application complexity in the digital workspace environment with application layering, making it easier to ensure that all applications running are approved and heavily managed.

“Stratusphere UX allows us to see desktop performance activity that we didn’t expect...based on this information we can adjust the resources and configurations in our VDI.”

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