Desktop Disaster Recovery

Key Use Cases For Disaster Recovery

Liquidware Centrally Store Profiles

Centrally Store Profiles

User profiles are decoupled from devices and saved to datacenter

Liquidware Save User Data

Save User Data

User Date is saved to central storage and protected

Liquidware Restore Desktops Quickly

Restore Desktops Quickly

Desktops can be restored in as little as 4 hours

Rapid Desktop Disaster Recovery

Traditional desktop disaster recovery is a long-accepted best practice in the industry to ensure that critical business data is not lost and that user productivity is unimpaired during a local or widespread disaster or unplanned outage of a desktop environment. Today, image-based backups have emerged as a superior method for backing up any type of PC or server.   When combining a user environment management solution, such as ProfileUnity, with image-backed backup and replication solutions, organizations can now extend the same superior and rapid image-base backup and replication technologies for disaster recovery of desktop environments that have long been applied to server-based virtualization.  ProfileUnity separately stores user profiles, settings and configurations as well as user-authored data  in a centralized file server location at every logoff and ensures that they are available at every logon, across all desktop platforms, Windows OS and device being used.   Because user profiles and user-authored data are de-coupled from hardware and OS, and are centrally stored, they can be routinely backed up through scheduled backup sessions and replicated to secondary sites.   ProfileUnity profiles are portable across multiple desktop delivery modes, making it the perfect platform-agnostic solution to support desktop disaster recovery to a mix of endpoints and devices regardless of location.

The solution also enables immediate access to user-authored data stored on a disaster recovery or replicated network drive.  Documented desktop disaster recovery tests have shown that -- when planned and supported correctly -- recovery of desktops can occur in as little as four hours.

With ProfileUnity, organizations can rest assured that they have an additional level of security and business continuity with enablement of a solid desktop disaster recovery strategy.

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