Liquidware Partners

Liquidware is the leader in adaptive workspace management solutions for next-generation physical, virtual, DaaS and cloud-based desktop workspaces. Liquidware enjoys strategic partnerships with leading platform vendors, including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft WVD and Amazon WorkSpaces and well as other infrastructure resource providers, including Nvidia, Nutanix and more.   Our solutions are available through a global network of channel partners who also deliver value add services in order to successfully complete workspace provisioning projects.  Our partner relationships and network are described below:

Strategic Alliance Partners

Liquidware has formed Strategic Alliance Partnerships with leading desktop virtualization platform vendors, as well as hardware, network and storage infrastructure providers. For an overview of these partnerships, visit our Strategic Alliance Partners page.

Distribution Partners

Liquidware partners with major Distributors around the world who support our Channel Partner Network with value-added services, including consulting, software customization, integration, application development, technical training and support.

Channel (VAR) Partners

Liquidware offers a tiered Partner Program, which allows Partners to come into our Channel Network at a level that is appropriate to them. At the highest level are the Liquidware's Acceler8 Partners who have made an comprehensive commitment to proficiency with our  solutions, ongoing training and development and best practices expertise in desktop transformation technologies, including VDI, RDSH, DaaS and cloud.

With proven expertise in deploying successful, effective desktop virtualization projects, Liquidware's Acceler® Partners can provide a wide degree of assistance in all phases of building your workspace infrastructure. Acceler8 Partners can be global, national or regional in scope, and can offer complete packages of software, hardware and services to support virtualization initiatives.  Some Acceler8 Partners have achieved the designation "Center of Excellence."   Learn more about how our Channel Partners bring Liquidware's solutions and desktop transformation methodology to market by reviewing the Partner Solution Briefs.

Technology Alliance Partners

Liquidware's Technology Alliance Partners are ecosystem vendors whose products support resource capacity in VDI environments, such as storage and memory. Technology Alliance Partners can validate the value and performance of their products in customers’ VDI POCs, pilots and in production by taking advantage of our Prove Your Performance” program.