Solutions for Cloud Desktops

Solutions for Cloud Desktops

Key Use Cases For Cloud Desktops

Liquidware User Environment Management

User Environment Mgmt

User Environment Management for Cloud environments is provided by the leading industry solution ProfileUnity

Liquidware Application Layering

Application Layering

Application Delivery Strategies for Cloud platforms are supported by FlexApp application layering

Liquidware Monitoring


Detailed monitoring metrics data provided by Stratusphere is essential for Cloud Environments

Cloud-Hosted Desktops and Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

The leap to cloud-hosted or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is easy when Liquidware Essentials is at the center of your desktop strategy. Essentials is a cost-effective bundle of Liquidware's industry-leading solutions: ProfileUnity, FlexApp and Stratusphere UX. These solutions are desktop platform agnostic, which means that they can be used for on-premises VDI desktops today, but fluidly support cloud-hosted desktops tomorrow. Whether you've chosen Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon, or Amazon WorkSpaces, Liquidware solutions smooth the transition to cloud or desktops as a service (DaaS), while ensuring your users always have the best desktop experience possible. Productivity is enhanced as they securely access their “work-from-anywhere” desktops, confident that their applications and data are always available.

Our solutions support critical stages in life-cycle of cloud-hosted and DaaS desktops. With Stratusphere UX, you start by getting the detailed metrics you need about your existing desktop environment in order to choose the appropriate cloud platform based on your actual use cases. This information allows you to right-size the cloud resources to users' needs, select correct bundles and keep costs in line. Finally, with Stratusphere UX, you can monitor desktop processes to prevent downtime and optimize desktop performance. With ProfileUnity, migrating to the cloud or desktop as a service (DaaS) platform is controlled and error-free. User profiles are portable and policies can be granularly applied with context-aware filters and triggers. FlexApp allows you to manage applications fluidly based on which users need them and deliver them on demand. With Liquidware Essentials, complexity is reduced and the time to production is speeded. You are ensured that your service provider is meeting your SLAs and quality of service requirements right from the start.

When you leverage the Essentials bundle, you smoothly progress through key stages to cloud-hosted desktops as follows:

  • Assess your desktops users for prime candidates for cloud-hosted desktops

  • Select the right-sized offering for your users

  • Migrate users to your chosen cloud-hosted desktop solution

  • Easily layer and manage your applications

  • Deliver context-aware User Environment Management to secure and enhance user sessions

  • Host user profiles and application layers directly on Cloud object-based storage such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

  • Adopt a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy for high-availability or easy transitions to new hosting

Leverage Object-based Cloud Storage easily with ProfileUnity and FlexApp

ProfileUnity profiles and FlexApp layers provide an extra advantage to those looking to move to cloud platforms. These solutions can be natively hosted on object-based storage such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. ProfileUnity and FlexApp start the migration process by “harvesting” user profiles and applications from your current on-premises desktop environments. These components can be moved to the cloud storage ahead of a migration to a new platform. Benefits include high-availability of apps with dual on-prem and cloud storage practices, and the elimination of SMB file share requirements.

Once the new cloud-hosted environment or new DaaS workspace is ready, your users can simply login as usual and their user profile and applications will follow them to the new platform in seconds! ProfileUnity also automatically adapts the profile version across Windows OS versions at login, making a move to the latest versions of Windows easy. Therefore, your move to cloud-hosted desktops can be the perfect time to adopt the latest version of Windows OS or Windows Server.

Liquidware's solutions have been certified for the leading cloud platforms and can be found listed on their Marketplaces as noted below:

On Microsoft Azure

Stratusphere UX and ProfileUnity & FlexApp are available for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

On Amazon WorkSpaces

Stratusphere UX and ProfileUnity & FlexApp are available for Amazon Workspaces on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace and have achieved Digital Workspace Competency status.

On Google Cloud

Visit the Google Cloud marketplace to learn more about how Stratusphere UX provides critical end-user experience monitoring for Google Cloud.

“ProfileUnity does just what I need it to do – it enables a consistent user environment, and troubleshooting profiles is much quicker.”

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