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Deliver Applications With Intune
Eliminate Windows Rot
Reduce Sprawl
Application Delivery

Deliver DEX with FlexApp: Revolutionize Application Delivery

Empower your workforce and simplify Digital Employee Experience (DEX) with Liquidware FlexApp. This innovative solution offers:

Unmatched Flexibility:

  • Attach Applications Directly to User Workspaces: No image modification, ensuring clean and performant systems.
  • Diverse Application Support: Seamless integration with MSIX, App-V, and more.
  • Platform-agnostic Portability: Move applications effortlessly, reducing costs and simplifying management.
  • Micro-isolation: Automated conflict resolution simplifies app packaging.
  • FlexApp One: Deploy apps via any means, including Microsoft Intune.
  • Offline Mode: Work from anywhere with locally cached applications.

Streamlined Management:

  • Centralized Console: Manage all configurations and deployments easily.
  • Automated Tasks: Free up IT resources with automation.
  • Context-aware Delivery: Deliver the right applications at the right time.
  • OAuth Integration: Secure access with single sign-on.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Instant Application Access: No waiting, maximize productivity.
  • Zero-downtime Transformations: Maintain business continuity.
  • Seamless Updates: Keep applications current and optimized.
  • Micro-isolation: Ensure stable and reliable application performance.

Improved Security & Compliance:

  • Granular Application Rights Management: Securely control user access.
  • Zero Trust Access: Enhanced security with OAuth integration.
  • Always Up-to-date Applications: Stay ahead of security threats.


  • Reduced application delivery costs by up to 50%.
  • Significantly improved user experience and productivity.
  • Simplified application deployment and distribution.
  • Empowered remote workers with offline access.
  • Enhanced security and compliance.
  • Reduced administrative overhead.

Embrace the future of application delivery with FlexApp. Deliver DEX!

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Liquidware FlexApp One Diagram

  Traditional App Delivery FlexApp or FlexApp One

FlexApp App Delivery Beats Traditional Methods

Base image management Time consuming for each app installed Zero modifications required for each attached app
Number of base images required Multiple, usually at least one per department, more if per user Very few, perhaps as few as one
User downtime Occurs frequently Zero user downtime, apps can go live without rebooting
“Windows rot” Base images degrade with every install/uninstall Base images remain clean, unmodified
Application updates for OS changes Applications must be reinstalled Applications do not need to be reinstalled/repackaged
Handling dozens / hundreds of apps Problems are compounded Greatly eases the burden of application delivery

Product Features

FlexApp Click to Layer Feature
The Click-to-Layer feature supports instant delivery of applications on-demand upon the application open action by a user.
FlexApp Session Isolation Feature
Session Isolation
FlexApp can isolate applications by type so that only approved software is delivered and visible to a specific user's published workspaces.
FlexApp Convert AppV & MSIX to Layers Feature
Convert App-V / MSIX
FlexApp offers two key features specifically for Microsoft WVD environments to convert MSIX or App-V applications to layers.
FlexApp One Feature
FlexApp One
FlexApp One untethers application layers from online dependencies enabling any time, any device delivery.

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With a better understanding of digital workspaces, and with the better tools we now have from Liquidware, we can really choose when and how we use VDI.

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