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Currently Available Product Versions:

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An initial 15-day evaluation license key is included with your download for the following products:

Stratusphere Appliances*
AWS BYOL (AMI) 6.6.2-2
Microsoft Azure BYOL 6.7.0-2
Microsoft Hyper-V(VHDX) 6.7.0-2
Nutanix (QCOW2) 6.7.0-2
VMware (OVF, VMDK) 6.7.0-2
Generic OVF 6.7.0-2
ProfileUnity with FlexApp
Windows 6.8.6 R1
AWS BYOL 6.8.6 R1
Azure BYOL 6.8.6 R1


* The Stratusphere solutions are available in a downloadable virtual appliance. This virtual appliance includes all Stratusphere products (Stratusphere FIT and Stratusphere UX).