DAS UK Group

Leading UK Legal Insurer DAS Tames VDI with Stratusphere UX

DAS UK Group combines an insurance company, law firm and after-the-event legal expenses division.  The organization implemented VMware VDI in 2014, but has been challenged ever since by a lack of visibility into deep level details about how the environment was performing.  As a result, they were unable to pinpoint issues, measure trends and create meaningful reports of operations.  The issues escalated to a breaking point when the regional office staff began experiencing sluggish response times, impeding their productivity.  

Working with UK Liquidware Acceler8 partner, ComputerWorld, DAS UK Group tested using Stratusphere UX to determine the root causes of their problem areas.   It turned out a hardware upgrade was in order, and the solution's metrics pinpointed where the upgrade was required, taking all the guesswork out of the remediation action.  Since their initial POC, the organization has used Stratusphere UX to identify other optimization projects that has yielded significant business and productivity improvements.