Harper Macleod

Scottish Law Firm Uses ProfileUnity for UEM on Physical, Virtual and Mobil Desktops

Harper MacLeod is a leading independent Scottish law firm with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Lerwick and Thurso.  The firm offers a full range of commercial and personal legal services across Great Britain.  In 2016, the firm was named Scotland's Law Firm of the Year.

Working in conjunction with Liquidware Labs Partner, Capito Ltd., a leading IT services and solutions company, Harper Macleod embarked on a large project to deliver next-generation desktops, including physical, virtual and mobile -- to provide its 350-plus users with workspaces they need to work in the most efficient and secure manner possible.  The project had very specific goals, including:

  • Substantially quicker login times
  • Consistent user experience from any location, including remote workers on any PC
  • Capability to work anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • True hot-desking among offices with speedy logins

At the recommendation of Capito, the firm uses ProfileUnity to gain the objectives for the desktop project.  A key challenge that the solution addressed was the smooth migration of user profile data and settings over disparate versions of Windows profiles related to multiple OS.  ProfileUnity simplified the migration of profiles, leveraging a universal profile that works identically regardless of the OS.  The solution also helped to clear out years of historical, unmanaged profile data, such as settings for applications no longer in use.

The end result for Harper Macleod is that they have vastly improved login times and true hot-desking on quicker, more stable and more secure desktops that provide a consistent user experience across physical and virtual desktops.