Intermediate Capital Group (ICG)

ICG Uses Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX to Reduce Service Desk Calls & Troubleshoot Desktops

Founded in 1989, Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) is a specialist asset management organization investing in private debt, credit and equity, with assets over €20 billion and meeting the needs of global investor groups. An early adopter of virtual desktops, ICG found that over time, the decisions and investments made to grow its VMware Horizon VDI environment were not resulting in the improved user experience that they expected. Quite the contrary, over time, the desktop experience degraded for end users, prompting dissatisfaction and numerous calls to the Service Desk.

The IT staff at ICG realized that they needed a solution to monitor their virtual desktops that would take the guesswork out of evaluating the issues and fast-track a diagnosis to expedite fixes.  The organization determined that Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX was the solution that they required to proactively troubleshoot and optimize their desktop environment.   By constantly gathering data, the solution enables ICG staff to troubleshoot issues that users have experienced but can't replicate at the time of placing a support call.  Today, ICG Service Desk staff continually monitors desktops to identify and route issues to the correct engineering team before the end user calls them to report a problem.  This avoidance strategy has decreased the volume of support calls and also provides quality data that enables the team to make better, more informed decisions about capacity, workload balancing and architecture.  The goal of ICG IT staff is to offer their users best-of-breed virtual desktops, and Stratusphere UX has become a critical component of the strategy to meet that goal.