Memorial Healthcare

Liquidware ProfileUnity Cures MS Outlook / Login Woes at Memorial Healthcare

Most employees at Memorial Healthcare in Owosso, Michigan, work from VMware Horizon View virtual desktops. When issues began developing, including losing icons and settings, it was a serious problem for the 150-bed hospital. Even more problematic was the fact that these issues happened randomly, making it impossible to determine the root cause of the issue. The healthcare organization was using VMware Persona Manager to handle user profiles, but a Liquidware channel partner, Data Strategies, suggested that the organization needed to move to a more sophisticated, robust user environment management solution and recommended ProfileUnity.

Memorial Healthcare IT staff was planning to phase ProfileUnity in slowly, but a serious issue with Microsoft Outlook forced the organization to deploy ProfileUnity immediately in order to correct an Outlook configuration problem. The IT staff leveraged ProfileUnity's auto-populate feature for Outlook as well as its message handling, message formatting and AutoArchive execution. Another great benefit was that ProfileUnity shortened login times which, at a minute and a half, were unacceptable to the physicians and nurses who were logging in across different workstations across the hospital. Login times are now down to about 40 seconds, and the IT staff plans to continue to adjust settings within the solution to get the login times even lower. Folder redirection, too, is a major improvement over what is offered in VMware Persona Manager.

ProfileUnity just makes it easier for IT staff to enhance desktop performance, thereby enhancing the productivity of all hospital staff at Memorial Health.