Naviga Empowers End Users with Amazon WorkSpaces and Liquidware Solutions

Naviga is the leading provider of software and services powering media-rich industries. The company's Content Engagement Platform helps companies create, enrich, deliver, and monetize content to manage engagements from end-to-end. With headquarters in Bloomington, MN, and regional offices throughout the world, Naviga serves over 3,200 news media, broadcast, magazine, financial services, and corporate clients in 45 countries.  Their challenge was to support their customers' end users working on Amazon WorkSpaces by keeping operating systems and applications updated, without resorting to a typical lengthy rebuild process that could result in user downtime.

Another challenge was monitoring the performance of the WorkSpaces deployed, a tough job when the particular metrics that the Naviga IT Team needed to track were not available with the AWS services that they used.  As a result, Naviga looked for a provider that could support Amazon WorkSpaces with both monitoring and diagnostics as well as offer a solution for better desktop imaging and application management.

The only provider who met the spectrum of their needs was Liquidware.  Stratusphere UX was chosen for troubleshooting and regular reviews of the WorkSpaces performance, ensuring that the company met SLAs for customers.  FlexApp was tapped for application delivery, allowing the company to remove key applications from the desktop image and provide them on an as-needed basis to end-users.

The Results

Stratusphere UX provides Naviga IT staff with a benchmark and a rating for each user and has greatly reduced the time to analyze causes of performance issues, saving as much as an hour per incident.  The solution also provides a great deal of information specific to Amazon WorkSpaces, giving them enterprise-grade troubleshooting and monitoring.  The solution also supplies data for reporting on usage and SLA-performance that the company delivers back to customers.

FlexApp provides the company with the ability to change an app footprint on each AWS WorkSpaces without impacting the users. This is quite a challenge to push out an app across a broad group and deliver across multiple endpoints, but Naviga IT Staff feel the results even with limited use.   They also have high marks for Liquidware Support, who they call excellent and responsive.