Pacific Northwest Insurance Provider

Health Insurance Company Streamlines Windows Migration with Stratusphere FIT and ProfileUnity

A health insurance provider in the Pacific Northwest had already virtualized its desktops when it faced a migration from Windows XP to Windows 7.  This project gave the company an opportunity to rethink and refresh its mature virtual desktop infrastructure.  The company had made some problematic design decisions early in the process of virtualizing which were exposed when it scaled up.  Over time, the environment had grown to support more than 1,400 users.  For previous migrations the company had used scripts, but this time around they needed a solution that was comprehensive, accurate, affordable and convenient.  Several options were dismissed because they were too costly, or too time-consuming with many manual steps or upfront configuration.

The company turned to Liquidware Labs partner, CompuNet Inc. with extensive experience with virtualization technologies.  CompuNet first leveraged Liquidware Lab's Stratusphere FIT to perform an assessment of the insurer's desktops in order to design an new, more scalable architecture.  CompuNet then recommended that the IT staff also look at ProfileUnity to actually perform the user state migration for the desktops.  Ultimately the migration and redesign were a resounding success.  ProfileUnity not only helped complete the migration rapidly, but the solution captured all the user application data, all their menus and customizations -- much more than the customer could have done with scripts.  The migration was also completed with little disruption to the end users.   In addition, login times have improved significantly -- down to seconds.  The IT team is more effective today too, solving problems they could not address before because they now had advance user environment management capabilities with the solution.