U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agency

U.S. Agency uses Stratusphere FIT to assess / optimize 50,000-plus virtual desktops

A U.S. government agency is creating a virtual desktop infrastructure for 55,000 users that will allow it to conveniently present information from classified and unclassified systems to authorized users in a single desktop view.  The project represents one of the largest virtual desktop environments ever developed and is designed to improve desktop performance and make desktop operations easier to support.

With the help of partners Dell and DH Technologies, the agency leveraged Liquidware Stratusphere FIT in order to gather detailed metrics data that would support the planning and design of a scalable and highly secure virtual desktop environment that would be necessary to support such a large user group.  During the assessment phase, the solution identified more than 6,000 processes running on the agency's desktops. Some of the most important benefits included:

  • Pinpointing where packet loss and network latency were occurring
  • Finding cost savings opportunities for licensing
  • Identifying and purging unauthorized applications
  • Determining changes required to support software-defined data center model
  • Eliminating silos to better enable technical teams to share information and make decisions jointly

Another important finding of the assessment was that the agency would significantly benefit from the deployment of a UEM solution to bring their users under control and more uniformly apply group policies.   The agency chose Liquidware ProfileUnity for this purpose.   Today the agency has not only made significant strides to virtualizing their desktops, they are much better positioned to support a smooth and automated migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10 bringing their desktops to the most secure standards possible.