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Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Fast-track Deployments to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops

Liquidware and Microsoft have partnered to ensure you have all the resources and complimentary licenses that you need to assist in a seamless move to Microsoft Azure Virtal Desktops.  Liquidware's solutions are listed on the Azure Marketplace.  Planning a migration from your current platform to cloud-based Azure Virtual Desktops is easy and seamless with Liquidware solutions.

  • ProfileUnity with FlexApp for User Environment, Group Policy and Application Delivery Control.
  • CommandCTRL for Real-time Remediation for any Windows desktop anywhere, AVD and Cloud-PC Support.
  • Stratusphere UX  for Onboarding, Monitoring and Deep-level Diagnostics and Troubleshooting for cloud desktop environments.

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Let us help you launch your migration with a free assessment of your current desktop environment to plan the best path to Azure Virtual Desktops.   This assessment will equip you with the following information.

  • Get an inventory of your end user desktops including operating system details and hardware configurations.
  • Establish current end-user experience scoring which can be used to baseline performance for your new Microsoft AVD deployment.
  • Comprehensive application assessment including applications installed vs. applications in use, for planning the resources needed AVD.
  • Recommendations for right-sizing your AVD environment to balance cost savings and optimization.
  • Readiness recommendations for Microsoft AVD
  • Resource consumption metrics including CPU, Memory, IOPS and Network utilization.

Microsoft enterprise deployments are candidates for complimentary licenses of Liquidware solutions (subject to approval). 

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