Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence (COE) designation from Liquidware is conveyed upon Channel Partners who have consistently demonstrated the highest standard of knowledge and technical delivery in virtual desktop projects. This designation is only conferred upon Acceler8 Partners who have integrated the Liquidware transformation methodology and tool set into their business processes to deliver superior services to the highest standards in an industry-leading technical framework.

Only a handful of Acceler8 Partners have achieved the COE designation.  They are:

  • Forthright Technology Partners
  • SITS Group
  • DH Technologies

Achieving the  Liquidware COE designation is a notable achievement,  as it calls for COE Partners to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Partners are required to have in-depth knowledge of virtualization platforms and virtual desktop technologies as it relates to capacity planning and infrastructure design for end-user computing initiatives.
  • Partners are required to have held the level of Acceler8 Partner for a minimum of 12 months.
  • All relevant parts of the Partner organization receives focused sales and technical training on a regular basis, with multiple staff from each discipline participating in these sessions.
  • Partners must have a demonstrated track record of successfully delivering Assessment and Health Checks.
  • All Partner staff engaged with customers directly will understand Liquidware solutions in depth and are able to relay relevant information across the different levels of clients’ organizations involved in the decision-making process.
  • Partners must regularly demonstrate Liquidware products in their internal demonstration facility and/or leverage the Test Drive feature on the Liquidware site, by directing customers to it or leading customers through the Test Drive.

Any Acceler8 Partner who wishes to attain COE status, must make a request to their Liquidware Account Representative to start the process for review.