Prove Your Performance Program

Prove the Value of Your Solutions to Customers

Liquidware'sTechnology Alliance Partners (TAP) can easily prove the effectiveness and cost savings their offering provide to customers with our Prove Your Performance (PYP) program.The PYP program provides licenses of Liquidware's award-winning products to partners who are involved in a desktop project and want to prove out their offerings to improve the desktop environment to move the deals forward more quickly.Liquidware Labs Prove Your Performance Program for Technology Alliance Partners

Taking advantage of the PYP program is as easy as 1-2-3 for Technology Alliance Partners:

  • Contact Sales at Liquidware
  • Describe the Customer Engagement
  • Get Your Product Licenses and Prove Your Performance

The PYP program enables partners to streamline the process of testing and proving out their products in desktop POCs, pilots and production. Partners provide customers with solid data and documentation so they can deploy and scale their desktop projects with confidence.   PYP Technology Alliance Partners can also take advantage of the full suite of Liquidware's award-winning products in order to validate the performance benefits of their specific technologies – regardless of whether clients and prospects are beginning, tuning, optimizing, or rolling out desktop transformation projects. For more information about this program, please contact Liquidware Sales.