Reduce IT Costs

Reduce Support Costs

According to the latest Gartner research*, economic uncertainty has made cost optimization a priority. It is recommended to leverage the following best practices:

  • Build on digital workspace infrastructures to provide workers with critical tools and change their behaviour to make the best use of them to boost business acumen.
  • Increase the ROI on digital workplace technologies by focusing on employee enablement and improving the digital experience.
  • Improve system stability by consolidating the digital workplace operating model by using continuous endpoint oversight.
  • Migrate to cloud-enabled digital workplace (including DaaS and UCaaS) as is feasible.
  • Support sustainability by adopting AI to guide resource- and performance-driven lifecycle management of technology assets.

Reduce IT Support Costs with CommandCTRL

CommandCTRL can reduce IT support costs by providing real-time visibility into hardware resource consumption and performance across all Windows and macOS workspaces in your environment. Gain insights and control over the deployment and performance of workspaces with key features, including:

  • Get instant, accurate data with real-time metrics, diagnostics, and remediation capabilities.
  • Quick search allows you to easily find users, machines, processes, and services.
  • Use the Dashboard view to spot root causes of issues immediately.
  • Use the Task-Manager view to rapidly execute remediation actions.
  • Watch DVR playback function with 30 days of history to see issues as they happened.
  • Create custom scripts and execute them with PowerShell and Cmd options.
  • Communicate directly with users via built-in Quick Assist and Remote Assist.

*2023 Gartner’s Strategic Roadmap for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and IT Operations