Empowering WFA

Empowering Work from Anywhere

With more of your company’s staff working from home, there are growing challenges to monitor and manage remote, distributed users, including:

  • Communicating effectively with workers in different locations and time zones, and with various schedules and devices. 
  • Monitoring users who are switching from physical to virtual to cloud-delivered workspaces to support their tasks.
  • Securing work at home devices and ensuring unapproved software is not used, which can expose systems to malicious threats.
  • Ensuring all workers are on consistent approved platforms, to ensure productivity, collaboration, and security.

CommandCTRL Empowers Work from Anywhere

CommandCTRL, Liquidware's powerful real-time SaaS remediation solution transforms how admins can manage Windows and macOS workspaces anywhere in the world.  Troubleshoot remote desktops—physical, virtual, or cloud-based – for remote, distributed workers with these key features:

  • Get instant, accurate data with real-time metrics, diagnostics, and remediation capabilities.
  • Quick search allows you to easily find users, machines, processes, and services.
  • Use the Dashboard view to spot root causes of issues immediately.
  • Use the Task-Manager view to rapidly execute remediation actions.
  • Watch DVR playback function with 30 days of history to see issues as they happened.
  • Create custom scripts and execute them with PowerShell and Cmd options.
  • Communicate directly with users via built-in Quick Assist and Remote Assist.