FlexApp Click-to-Layer

Exclusive Click-To-Layer Advanced Feature

ProfileUnity’s FlexApp Technology includes an exclusive Click-to-Layer functionality.  The Click-to-Layer feature supports instant delivery of FlexApp layered applications on-demand upon the open action by a user. The user simply clicks on the application’s native icon on the Desktop or in the Start Menu and the application is instantly delivered via FlexApp and is ready for use. The option improves desktop readiness times compared to competitive application layering options because they are not mounted unless they are in use.

Now even dozens of layered applications can now be readily available in a user’s Windows environment without needing to include every available application. When paired with FlexApp’s Session Isolation feature, Click-To-Layer supports session-based layering for published applications running on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft RDS and Microsoft RemoteApp. Before, all applications published on a server were visible to all connected users whether they needed them or not. Now when FlexApp applications are delivered to a user’s published desktop, other users are not automatically exposed to those applications. Every user’s desktop can remain unique, even for users on the same Windows Server environment. Click-to-Layer in a server environment offers an additional advantage. The first user to request an application to open will experience a slight delay as the FlexApp package is layered into the environment. However, once the application is layered into the server environment, the process does not need to be repeated and subsequent users will not experience any delays on an application open.

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FlexApp DIA Screen