FlexApp One

Liquidware FlexApp One

FlexApp One – Self-Contained Apps Change the App Delivery Game

FlexApp™ One is an innovative and exclusive feature of Liquidware™ FlexApp, the industry’s leading application layering solution. FlexApp attaches virtually any type of application to a Windows® session without modifying the pristine base image through traditional installation.

As an included feature in FlexApp, FlexApp One un-tethers the dynamic capabilities of layered applications from full-time network connections, enabling applications to be made available by any means necessary. 

Check out how easy it is to use FlexApp One.  We have set up a special trial site where you can test eight of the top applications.  Its so easy you can do it over a cup a coffee.

FlexApp One applications are self-contained in one shareable file and run without the need for an additional application player on Windows sessions. Users simply click on the application container and the application(s) contained in the executable are attached to their Windows workspace session in seconds. Any type of Windows session is supported and all types of Windows application formats are supported including.EXE, MSI, MSIX. Just like FlexApp, FlexApp One apps are compatible with 90+ percent of applications, while other technologies alone may not cover even 50%.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) and SCCM are both seamlessly supported for FlexApp One packages, enabling you to leverage industry standard distribution methods. All cloud sharing services are also supported by FlexApp One, including Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon WorkDocs.

FlexApp or FlexApp One – Use Cases

For advanced use cases, traditional FlexApp with Liquidware ProfileUnity User Environment Management should be leveraged. However, FlexApp One turns FlexApp packages into more dynamic application containers that can be distributed by industry standard methods and even support offline use cases for well managed machines.


When to Use FlexApp vs. FlexApp One

Attach virtually any app to keep base images clean
Easily update apps without modifying image
Easy and fast to package
Very high app compatibility rating 90+%
Connectivity and Distribution    
Does the workspace stay online/connected?
Does the workspace go offline (laptops) and is well-managed?
Desire to use Microsoft Endpoint Manager or SCCM to distribute FlexApps?
Desire to use ProfileUnity context aware and trigger points to distribute packages?
Want to share apps by any means, no prerequisites on the Windows end-point?
Advanced Management and Use Cases    
Need to leverage ProfileUnity for app’s privilege elevation?
Need to leverage ProfileUnity for registry mods after app packaging if needed?
Need to fully track inventory of FlexApps distributed?
Require an enterprise Admin Console with delegated admin access, admin auditing, etc.?