Package and Deploy Faster

Eliminate Time-Consuming Application Management Tasks 

Application management is a major burden to IT staff at all organizations.  FlexApp FastPackaging™  can slice the time and effort it takes to mount and deploy applications for end users.  FlexApp Fast-Packaging is the fastest and most straightforward layering process in the industry – up to 10x faster than any other competing offering.   FlexApp also provides a number of ready-to-deploy Cloud Apps that require zero packaging. 

With FlexApp, there are no complicated templates or time-consuming manual virtual-volume creation tasks involved. The entire process is made easy with the FlexApp Packaging Console, which automates VHD or VMDK container creation and is as easy and fast to use as the installation process of the application itself.

Every feature of FlexApp takes into account an application’s lifecycle management as well.  FlexApp applications can easily be copied, updated, and edited with the our intuitive FlexApp Packaging Console and additional included resources. FlexApp's intuitive packaging and deployment enables:

  • FastPackaging — package applications in the same amount of time it takes to install them
  • PackageOnce — once an applications is packaged it can be deployed to any Windows OS version that supports that application. Applications are truly OS and platform independent
  • Cloud Apps — FlexApp features several pre-packaged cloud based applications. Cloud Apps require zero packaging and enable quick and easy cloning to your own cloud or on-prem environment for production.  
  • Deploy Applications Faster — Applications can be deployed in seconds with Click-to-Layer on-demand capabilities and a quick configuration update process

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