Streamline Application Delivery

Liquidware FlexApp Revolutionize Application Delivery

Fast and Cost-Effective Strategic App Layering

FlexApp radically streamlines the way organizations manage and deliver applications on Windows workspaces. This solution effectively ends the days of modifying Windows OS base images through cumbersome application installation processes.  "FlexApp First” has become the cornerstone of many organizations' Application Strategy.

FlexApp layers applications just-in-time, at user logon or on demand, enabling you to keep base images of Windows workspaces to a minimum. This approach saves your organization time and money by ending Windows desktop image sprawl.  Base image management is streamlined because it is decoupled from your organization’s applications.  Fewer images are required and can be easily handled with in-house management solutions.

FlexApp provides these critical benefits to desktop environments:

  • Minimize base images by managing Windows OS images separate from applications
  • PackageOnce™ and layer applications to any platform, any Windows OS, and in any cloud hosted environment*
  • Reduce the number of Microsoft RDSH/Citrix XenApp servers that your organization runs and maintains
  • Deliver applications quickly at user logon or with Click-to-Layer™ on-demand technology
  • Leverage FlexApp's exclusive multi-cloud support for object-based storage, eliminating the requirement for SMB file shares
  • Deliver built-in high-availability with exclusive FlexApp caching from cloud or SMB to local sessions

FlexApp is compatible with any Windows workspace -- physical, virtual or cloud.  Supported platforms include Microsoft WVD, Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix and VMware Horizon View and Microsoft RDS (Citrix XenApp and VMware RDS). Advanced features for Microsoft RDS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops include the ability to layer applications to individual user sessions with session-based layers.

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*FlexApp applications are not locked to a specific OS. Testing should be performed to ensure compatibility. The bit-level of the OS (32/64) should match the FlexApp package.​