Hosted POC

Free Hosted POC

Take Time & Cost out of POCs with FREE Liquidware Hosted POC Services!

Most IT managers will agree – setting up POCs to trial desktop virtualization software products is challenging at best. First, you need to get permission to purchase expensive and set up the test environment. Then there is the time and effort to evaluate options and install all the necessary components which can take weeks. If you run into a roadblock, you can never be sure if it’s a glitch in the product or in the environment. Frustrating!!

What if you could dramatically shorten the time to conduct your POC with access to a fully configured, stable and isolated environment? Instead of purchasing and setting up your environment , you can spend your time drilling down and using advanced features and maybe even learn a few things you never knew about your desktops? And wouldn’t it be nice if you could tap into some expert guidance, especially as you are plotting through uncharted territory?  And best of all -- what if you could do all of this AT NO COST TO YOU?

Liquidware Hosted POC services will allow you to bypass all of the headaches of setting up an environment just to test out our industry-leading products. Fast-track through a POC with these advantages:

  • Site is fully configured, tested, isolated and available today – no waiting.
  • You can utilize all configurations and learnings in your on-site POC, reducing the time it takes to get through this stage in your own environment.
  • Liquidware Hosted POC is FREE to serious evaluators who want to get hands-on with our products to understand their value.
  • You can fully test out the entire rich, advanced feature sets in our solutions to get the full impact of how they can advance your desktop environments.
  • Get expert guidance as you move through the POC – your questions can be answered on the spot by knowledgeable Liquidware staff.
  • You start the Hosted POC on day 1 with no special tools or other software needed.
  • Easily test out how our solutions “play” with other solutions or platforms you have already installed – or plan to install.

So save yourself the hassle of setting up POC environments and waiting to uncover the full benefits that Liquidware solutions can bring to your desktop environment today! Liquidware Hosted POC services are being offered to only those IT staff who are committed to investing the time and effort to gain a deep understanding of how our solutions can work in their desktop environment. The Hosted POC is a unique benefit to enable qualified Enterprise organizations to validate Liquidware’s AWM solutions quickly and affordably ahead of internal POC projects.

To see if your organization qualifies, please contact