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ProfileUnity Cloud Storage

ProfileUnity – Integrated Cloud Storage for User Profiles & Data

ProfileUnity is leading the market with cloud integration for modern desktops. The innovative functionality streamlines profile delivery with built-in high availability and disaster recovery, even if you’re not yet moving to DaaS (Desktops as a Service).

ProfileUnity and your cloud storage provider can now provide you with profiles delivered from an object-based cloud service – all for less cost and complexity than storing profiles on-premises. Take advantage of modern object-based cloud storage services, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure Blob, to save user profiles and your policy settings, all without the cost and complexity of SMB (Server Message Block) drives.

ProfileUnity’s support of cloud storage for profiles is seamless and fully integrated so there is zero user downtime. API-level integration with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft clouds enable you to transition your user profiles securely at logoff or during the user session (in the background).

User authored data, such as My Documents, Pictures, etc., can also be set to automatically transfer (in the background) to cloud based storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon WorkDocs, DropBox Enterprise, or Google Drive. This functionality ensures user data is always secure and available to the user wherever they have access, including mobile devices. ProfileUnity’s cloud storage features and functionality are included with a standard or advanced license.

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