Baseline & Onboard Users

Baseline and Onboard Users to New Workspaces with Stratusphere UX

Leverage User Experience Metrics to Drive Digital Workspace Success

The technology to deliver digital workspaces are only a part of the overall picture. Platforms and infrastructure are a means to an end — its the user experience on the workspaces that is of paramount importance as it can either promote or hinder worker productivity.   Even when satisfactory user experience is achieved at launch, over time, when platforms and infrastructures require a refresh, update or an optimization, user experience can degrade as a result.  It is critical that you systematically measure the impact of change. Stratusphere UX provides the ability to quantify and trend the user experience over time.  This support allows you to:

  • Compare and provide a before-and-after view of user experience after systems, network, storage or platform change are made.
  • Utilize a trendable metric that can be used to define success, optimize, check the health and validate performance.
  • Validate workspaces with an eye to identify right-sizing resources, which is key to maximizing ROI and TCO.
  • Ensure the organization meets business goals  and minimizes risk from unplanned downtime.

Stratusphere UX Dashboards allow IT staff to use user experience metrics and trends to validate and ensure infrastructure changes enhance workspace performance.

Liquidware-Stratusphere-UX provides key metrics to baseline normal workspace performance.

The inventory metrics in Stratusphere UX are essential in evaluating system and platform performance as they affect the user experience. These metrics are used to define the infrastructure, including the sizing of server and storage resources, and to assist in the creation of an application and image strategy.  Stratusphere UX provides you with an opportunity to quantify and trend the user experience throughout the user workspace lifecycle. This industry-leading solution provides you with proof and confidence that users have an equal-to-better user experience both after moving to the target environment and ongoing use.