Diagnostics & Drill Down

Quickly Get to The Root Cause and Minimize Risk

Unlike legacy and other monitoring tools, Stratusphere UX puts the user front and center. This is especially important when user experience is at risk. The ability to diagnose and troubleshoot user experience and performance issues require metrics and indicators from a user-centric point of view. 

Infrastructure-centric monitoring is limited to views of the platform and contributing infrastructure. Application performance monitoring (APM) tools examine platform components and their interdependence, as it relates to platform delivery. Stratupshere UX, on the other hand, provides a direct view of workspace performance—a view of the user that is the most authentic and relevant. Ultimately, challenges or constraints in the user experience may require remediation at the supporting infrastructure, at the endpoint, or even in the machine boot and login process. And when users are in jeopardy, due to unplanned downtime or other user experience issues, it's all about understanding the root cause and having visibility to the critical metrics and data needed to get back online. With Stratusphere UX, admins are able to:

  • Prioritize and focus on those areas having the greatest negative impact on user experience
  • Avoid needle-in-the-haystack troubleshooting exercises that don’t provide the visibility necessary to examine your users, machines and applications
  • Drill into machine, user and application details; with the ability to easily expose more or less granularity, as needed
  • Avoid misdirected finger-pointing and determine where user-crippling challenges exist in your environment.

Stratusphere UX Advanced Inspectors offer both deep and wide details to allow admins to focus on the most critical information.

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