Diagnostics & Drill Down

Liquidware Stratusphere UX Diagnostics

Quickly Get to The Root Cause of Issues and Keep Users Productive

Unlike other monitoring solutions on the market, Stratusphere UX puts the user front and center. The ability to diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues from a user-centric point of view requires purpose-built metrics and indicators.  Infrastructure-centric monitoring solutions are limited to platform and infrastructure views. Application performance monitoring (APM) tools focus on the performance of applications and only expose other metrics as they may affect app performance.

Stratupshere UX, on the other hand, provides a unique, direct view of workspace performance from a user experience perspective. This view is the most pertinent as it ensures that IT staff discover all issues affecting the user, no  matter at what level they are. Constraints may require remediation at the supporting infrastructure, at endpoints, or even in the machine boot and login process. When users are in jeopardy, IT staff must quickly identify and remediate all root causes to get users productive again.

Stratusphere UX provides an extensive array of unique metrics that are only found in this solution.

Stratusphere UX provides comprehensive application source, version and performance details, which are essential to create an optimum application delivery strategy..

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 With Stratusphere UX, IT staff can:

  • Prioritize and focus on those areas having the greatest negative impact on user experience.
  • Avoid needle-in-the-haystack troubleshooting exercises that do not cover all  users, all machines, and all applications – all of the time.
  • Drill into granular machine, user, and application details to gain perspective and resolve issues.
  • Determine the exact source of user-crippling issues to avoid wasteful finger-pointing.
  • See Advanced Inspectors that provide deep and wide details highlighting the most critical information.