License Cost Recoup

Liquidware Stratusphere UX License Cost Recovery

Discover Unused Applications to Quickly Recover License Costs

Stratusphere UX gathers data from all your Windows endpoints to provide detailed data of applications installed vs. applications in use. Many customers have realized quick ROI in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by running these two straightforward reports and putting a plan in action to streamline software licensing. 

Liquidware Stratusphere UX Application License Recovery

Looking at the illustration above, which reflects an actual organization's environment, there are nearly 700 applications not being used. Not only is this a significant wasteful cost, unused applications are often not strictly maintained or updated, making them a heighted security risk.   For the company above, 668 applications at the estimated cost of $259 per user (cited from, nearly $173,000 in annual costs may be saved.  Software licensing considerations are an integrated part of the free Liquidware ROI calculator.  Click the link below to get your free ROI assessment.