Merger Scenarios

Get Detailed Metrics to Support Merger Migrations with Stratusphere UX

Detailed Data To Support Merger and Spin-Off Scenarios

Stratusphere UX has classically been used to provide assessments of new environments when an organization merges with or purchases another company.   By obtaining an inventory of the existing desktop environment, the organization can:

  • Determine KPIs and SLAs across both organizations
  • Rightsize the infrastructure
  • Determine the best master desktop image
  • Establish consistent group policies across all users
  • Create whitelists/blacklists for applications
  • Choose the appropriate application delivery methods
  • Roll out a consistent environment with best user experience  

On rare occasions, Stratusphere UX has also been  utilized to perform an assessment exercise to allow an organization to divorce itself or spin off from a parent organization and architect a stand-alone environment to operate independently.  Highly accurate data about domain names & locations, IP addresses, users, machines, and applications, allows these merger/spin off processes to be handled with as little disruption to user productivity as possible.