Performance Validation and Optimization

Leverage User Experience to Drive Success

Platforms and infrastructure are a means to an end—its the applications and hosted workspaces that really matter. And when those architectures require a refresh, update or an optimization, it is your responsibility to ensure the changes provide a positive benefit to the user experience. Strong return on your investment requires that you measure the impact of that change. The investment might be a completely new hardware platform, a GPU offload card, or a new tray of solid-state drives. Regardless, Stratusphere UX, with the ability to quantify and trend the user experience can allow you to:

  • Compare and provide a before-and-after view of user experience secondary to platform and infrastructure changes
  • Utilize a trendable metric that can be used to define success, optimize, check the health and validate performance
  • Validate workspaces with an eye to identify over- and under-provisioning; key to maximizing ROI and TCO
  • Ensure business goals are being met, risk is minimized and a return is being made on investments

Stratusphere UX Compare Trend Dashboards provide the opportunity to validate and optimize infrastructure changes based on user experience metrics and trends.