Performance Validation and Optimization

Rightsize Digital Workspace Infrastructure with Stratusphere UX metrics

Right-Size Resources to Save Cost and Optimize Workspaces

In the absence of clear, accurate data to support decisions to procure hardware or cloud resources, many organizations embark upon a desktop transformation with a “best guess” approach. This practice is highly likely to lead to either under- or over-provisioning hardware and resources. One exposes the organization to outage risks.  The other leads to exorbitant costs.

Stratusphere UX allows you to right-size the target new environment by providing an assessment of the current desktop environment with precise fine-tuned data about compute resources, user work modes, network considerations and platform details. With this data, IT staff have a benchmark of current desktop performance in order to set realistic thresholds and SLA targets for the new workspace environment. This data can then support the design of desktop images and infrastructure, ensuring that workspaces will meet users’ performance needs from the start and investments are properly allocated.

Once past the planning and design phase, Stratusphere UX can provide a "before and after" picture of digital workspace performance to validate that new workspaces are performing equal to or better than the previous desktops. Continually validating during ongoing use of workspaces allows IT staff to consistently fine-tune workloads and resources to maintain optimal performance.

Organizations can suffer losses from desktop environments being both oversized and undersized. Oversizing may add as much as 50-100 percent to your overall project’s cost while under-sizing can lead to purchasing right-sized hardware a second time and a loss of user productivity. Exact costs will vary per organization, however, when Stratusphere UX’s accurate data is used for sizing, customers often see savings of $250,000 or more.

Few would disagree that applications are the most critical element of the digital workspace—and the demand for applications in the enterprise is increasing at an exponential rate. Whether physical, virtual, or cloud-based, application visibility and the creation of an application strategy should be at the top of every organizations to-do list. Stratusphere UX enables the necessary and important steps to help your organization define an application strategy.

Unlike simple inventory tools that only examine management platform counters or tally observed instances, Stratusphere UX measures use and consumption metrics—​important in the creation a best practice image design and application delivery approach.